image\field_bt.gifAdjustment Entry Form

The Adjustment Entry form lets you:

You can also use the Receipt Entry form to enter adjustments to documents to which you are applying receipts or credit notes, if you select the Allow Adjustments In Receipt Batches option (on the Options form).

For more detailed information about the tabs on the Adjustment Entry form, click the links, below:




Optional Fields


To edit an existing batch

To view header information for a batch

  1. Display the batch (as described above).

  2. Click the Zoom () button beside the Batch Number field to display the Batch Information form.

To create a new adjustment batch

  1. Click the New button beside the Batch Number field. See Batch number field and batch header information.

  2. Enter a date for the new batch, or accept the session date in the field.

  3. Enter a batch description.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Close.

You can now enter the first adjustment, as described in the topic Adding an Adjustment.